Bag Sealers

For-Bro offers wide range of low cost, Bag selaers for use in small scale industries starting from a small shop to a highly volume packaging industry. Hand sealrs are available in various sizes dependeing on the sealing width and the sealing type. We offer Manual Hand sealers with sealing length
of 8/12/20/24/36 inches. Double line ealing , sealer with cutting mechansim is also available.Paddle sealers are available for sealing a thick bags with higher sealing length and width which requires more power and seal pressure. simple temperature controller helps to change the sealing temperature as per the requirement to ensure that ait tight seals.

Our ranges of these are known for high speed and economical operation. We fabricate these using high quality materials and ensure ease of operation, robust construction and smooth operations.  We also export and import the sealing machines to suit client requirements.

We offer various state of the art Sealers based on the different sealing mechanism. The range includes

- Impulse sealing machines
- Hand sealers,
- Cap sealers,
- Band sealers,
- Continous band sealers,
- Industrial Sealers,
- Induction sealing machines,
- Foil sealing machines,
- Foot operated sealing machines,
- Pedal Sealers, Hot bar sealers etc.

Bag Sealers

For Bro offers semi automatic Bag sealers for industrial use. The wide range of product are designed to suite various industries, packing material , sealing length and width.

Our range of bag sealer includes
- Hand operated impulse sealer
- Foot operated pedal sealer
- Band sealers
- Pneumatic sealers

Hand sealer

For bro offers Hand Sealers based on the induction sealing principle. These semi automatic hand sealers are widely used in industrial applications including small scale industry to a high end industrial product manufacturer.

Model HIS 80/12/200 is handy easy to use portable impulse type sealing machine. It can seal heatable films and pouches. Provided with timer and buzzer for different sealing material settings.It has auto heat and power cutoff mechanism.

These sealing machines are available with client defined sealing width and type. Double line sealing also available on request.

Salient Feature
- Sturdy design for zero maintenance
- Available in 8 ' ,12', 20 ',30 and 35' seal length.
- light weight and Portable
- In-built Timer and Buzzer (on request)
- Auto cut-off 
- GMP Model on request
- Inbuilt cutting mechanism on request
- Double line sealing available on request.
- Adjustable Sealing time
- Adjustable bag rest to support large sizes

Pedal Sealer -

Pedal sealer Model FOS 842 is a time tested universal impulse sealer for sealing bags/pouches. These sealers are operated by a simple foot switch which in turn moves the sealing jaws for a accurate and reliable sealing.

- Type : Impulse sealing
- Material :HDPE, Plastic,Aluminum foil, BOPP, PP,
- Sealing Length: 8 to 42 inch
- Sealing width:8mm
- Sealing Pattern : Diamond/Lines.

Salient Features
- Time tested product
- Sturdy design
- Powder coated finish for easy maintenance.
- Power saving mechanism. Auto power cut off.
- Timer controlled sealing
- Buzzer/LED indication on request.

Pnuemetic sealers -

Pneumatic sealers offered by For bro engineers are widely used in Pharmaceutical and food industries.

These sealing machines are attached with a safety mechanism designed for safe operation and reduce poor seal joints due to faulty operation.

High quality digital temperature controller, Brass Jaw and a foot switch ensures that the temperature is properly maintained and the heat transfer is uniform across the seals. Pneumatic sealers are available in two variant based on the client requirements

Hot Bar sealer : Brass Jaw with Direct heating
Impulse sealer: Heat transfer through nichrome element

Salient Feature
- Simple and portable Design
- "j" type proportional temperature controller
- Designed for safe operation
- Heavy duty construction

Band Sealers -

Continuous Band Sealer Model CCSI-30V is a simple, low cost sealing machine for virgin and laminated pouches. These machines are available in table top as well as stand alone machines.

Salient Features
- Sturdy and robust Design
- GMP models for salt and detergent industries
- In built cooling mechanism for quick seal
- Adjustable Height to handle various pack-sizes.
- Suitable for various pouches with varied thickness.
- Economy models.
- Horizontal and vertical models.
- Extended conveyor for material handling.
- Optional Nitrogen Flushing arrangement.

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